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What is XendApp?

XendApp is a service letting you send multiple content type messages to devices. A device could for example be a phone or tablet. The messages can be sent from this web site or through our programming interface. What we have done is to combine the best features of email and SMS in a free package.

For frequently asked questions - look here.

If you want to know why you should use XendApp services then take a look here.

Gettings started

Read more about the easy steps how to get started here.

Site usage

Read more about how to use all functions in the site here.

API - the application programming interface

Read more about how to send messages from your application, web site or service here.


Client - any application (app) that runs on a device/phone/computer which is used to receive and read messages from XendApp services

XendApp API - a way to programmatically interact with our services from your environment

Provider - this could be a company name or other entity that is the sender. A provider can contain one or more Channels.

Channels - as a user you can subscribe to a channel. When you do that you get all messages that is sent to that particular channel. A channel could be anything but works like a group or category when sending messages. For example, provider might be company “Microsoft” while channel is “IT-department”. All in IT-department can now subscribe to this channel to get messages.

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