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It is easy to start sending messages - just follow these steps

1. Create an account

Register an account and validate email. You can register a free account here.

2. Create a "Provider" and "Channel"

Providers and Channels are used for categorizing your messages. The build like a group together which you can send messages to. Read more these online here.

3. Download the Clients/apps for your devices

We have created apps for the most popuplar devices. You use the app to receive and read messages. The apps are located in different "app stores" depending on which phone/device you have. Go here for a full list of downloads.

4. Subscribe to a Channel you have created

Anybody who wants to receive messages that you send to your channel need to subscribe to that channel. You can start subscription online or through the app by adding the Channel in the app or subscribing online. More information is located here.

5. Send a test message

You can send a message through our web site here or through the online programming interface here. We recommend that you test sending from the web site first so you see how it works.

6. Invite users that you want to receive messages

You can invite more users by going to My channels and press Invite next to a Channel. What we do then is to send an email with information of how to join. Basically this means that a user downloads an app and join a Channel. To Join a Channel user has to enter password or Channel id. Read more about inviting here.

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