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My account and registration


To use our service you need to create an account. Go to the register page, add details and validate email. After validating you use the username and password to logon on the web site or in the client apps. You can register your account here.


To access all online functionality you need to login to our web site. You can do this here.

Forgot password

If you have forgot your password you can reset it here.

Update password and personal details

If you have forgot your password you can reset it here.

Channels and Providers


A Provider could be another name for a company or organization - a source for information. A Provider can contain one or more Channels. You need to create a Provider before creating a Channel.

Creating a Provider is only necessary if you want to send messages. If you just want to receive messages you just need to subscribe to a Channel. To create a Provider you need to go to My Channels page. Click on the button Create Provider and a popup will open where you can enter Provider details. The "Public" property is not used right now but it generally means that your Provider might available for search by other users later.


A Channel is like a group that where messages are sent to. If you have created a Channel you can send messages to that Channel. Anyone that has the password for the Channel can subscribe to the Channel. Subscribing means that you will receive messages that is sent to that Channel - directly to your device.

You can subscribe and unsubcribe on our website or in the apps. You can manage your subscriptions on the subscriptions page.

You can create your own Channels on the My Channels page. When creating a Channel you can decide to check the "Public" option or not. Checking it means that you later open up for this Channel to be open in searches which means other people can see and subscribe to it. If not checked you can still keep it private my manually sending out our use the invitation method from the My Channels page to invite one or more users to subscribe to a specific Channel.

My Channels page

Here you can manage Channels and Providers created by you that can be used for sending messages.

Subscriptions page

Here you can manage your subscriptions - which Channels you should receive messages from.

Send/receive messages

Send message through web site

Send message through API

Sent messages


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